07 April 2016

Swifts and swallows, ravens and crows

The universe sends the most surprising messages in the oddest of messengers. I am grateful that I am receiving them, and understanding what they mean. Even if it takes trust to never truly know why.

03 April 2016

April 1st

It's Grateful in April again. 
I have been given the opportunity to list down the things I am grateful for again.

1. Learning
Educationalists and a safe learning environment 
2. The outside world and my place in it, even if it drizzles
3. Friday fish'n'chip night
Sister, brother in law

18 July 2015


I like to record birdsongs on my phone's voice recorder and listen to them later so I can remember where I've been.

Not exactly the same thing, but I love this:

07 July 2015

Grateful to be in good health

My grandest achievement today was getting out of bed. I really didn't want to (plus I'd been ill and unable to get up for three and a half days).

Second best was being able to stomach a normal meal for dinner.

Getting back to wellness. It's such a beautiful reminder of how lucky we are when symptom-free.